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About Rigorous Technology

We Are Riggers!

Rigorous Technology was founded in June 2011 by Yose Lawson (TPi Awards Rigger of the Year 2013) and Dave Jolly, we have over 20 years combined rigging experience behind us.

By working in the industry as riggers on a daily basis we’re able to keep pace with industry developments, Lawson working mainly as a Production/Touring rigger and Jolly mainly as a Local Rigger and Touring Kinesys and IBEX Motion Control Rigger.

Our no nonsense approach means you won’t waste your time or your budget, and we won’t tell you that you need to weigh something if you don’t.

Quality & Attention to Detail

One of our founding principles is our attention to detail.

Our equipment will always arrive at your production in immaculate condition. Having spent many years touring ourselves, we appreciate how equipment should be laid out and presented in order to make using it quick and simple.

You’d rather be looking at it than for it

We pride ourselves in making sure that you will always have more than enough cable to achieve your required system layout. Furthermore we try to think of all the little things that you might need in advance, and include them in your hire package as standard. After all, “you’d rather be looking at it than for it”.

Innovating with Kinesys Support

As one of the first companies to invest heavily in the Kinesys Libra range for the hire market we have a very close working relationship with Kinesys. As a Kinesys Rental Partner we enjoy 24/7 support from the manufacturer of our hire stock.

Many of the requests and suggestions that we have made to Kinesys have helped to further the Libra product range, a case in point being the LibraRIG which is a response by Kinesys to a specific request made by us. We have been road testing LibraWATCH software from the very start, and were first to take delivery of LibraWIFI and LibraSPLIT.

Some of Our Customers

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Key Suppliers

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