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Busy Start To 2014!

Load cell testing weight

Here at Rigorous Technology we have experienced a busy start to 2014!

January saw us inspect all of our Kinesys LibraCELLs and LibraRIGs in line with the requirements of LOLER and PUWER legislation, something that we do every 6 months.

In February we weighed the Frank Turner rig whilst the tour rehearsed at LS Live Studio. We also found time to get all of our LibraCELLs tested against a calibrated 1000kg weight, accurate to 50g, in order to check their calibration. Thanks go to our friends at UK Rigging for letting us use their test area.

February ended with us weighing Ellie Goulding’s Arena production during rehearsals at LH2 Studio in London. With lots (no really, LOTS) of video hanging from seemingly every truss, and at all sorts of angles, Tour Rigger Andi Flack brought us in to confirm his calculations and provide documentation of the recorded loads.

March looks like its going to be another busy one!

Stay safe, and remember, look up!