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PLASA Skills Developing Scheme for Trainee Riggers‏

Plasa NRC Supporter

Here at Rigorous Technology we’re a big supporter of the National Rigging Certificate, all the crew we send to site are NRC Level 2 or 3 qualified.

For all those of you who aspire to becoming a qualified Rigger the following PLASA Press Release may be of interest…


In light of demand from the industry, PLASA is developing a scheme for Trainee Riggers, for launch later this year.

The success of the PLASA National Rigging Certificate has increased the number of qualified riggers in the industry. Freelancers who wish to take the PLASA National Rigging Certificate at Level 2 have found it difficult to gain enough experience to get to the point where they are ready to be assessed because many venues won’t allow them to work unless qualified.

The Trainee Rigger Scheme has been created as a result of demand from rigging companies, the Riggers Forum, venues, seminars and individual riggers who felt that extra help was needed to prepare new entrants to the industry to gain the levels of experience in order to register and achieve the National Rigging Certificate Level 2.

PLASA, are therefore developing a way in which those who wish to pursue a career in rigging can identify and record the necessary training and experience and demonstrate their commitment to potential employers.

The scheme will not involve assessment but will provide a way of logging experience against specific rigging tasks, building a picture of the trainee’s practical rigging development and training undertaken.

Training providers and Trainees will have access to a syllabus of learning. All Trainees will hold a Trainee Rigger ID card, which identifies them to potential employers as someone who is serious about a career in rigging and is committed to developing their knowledge and skills.

Those who wish to register their interest for this scheme may do so using the link below.