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Why Use Load Cells?

Historically in the entertainment industry we have often relied on calculating or estimating the loads we are applying to a structure.

However the industry becomes more health and safety conscious by the day and it is often no longer acceptable that exact loads remain unknown. Even the most accurate, computer modelled, load calculations can be subject to error. Factor in the motion control rigging active during modern shows, with its associated dynamic load, and you need an exact measurement.

Real-time measurements

Load cells allow you to take real time measurements of the loads you are applying to a structure. These loads can either be measured once, or for added peace of mind the load cells can be a permanent feature of your tour or installation. The latter is particularly useful in the outdoor and dynamic load environments.

With our system the load cells can act as a virtual “Spotter”. Triggering overload and underload warnings, which can be audible and/or visual. When used with Kinesys LibraWATCH software the load cells can also trigger E Stop systems.